Control Panels

Control Panels

We are one of the prominent manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of control panel, transformer, cubical type fabrication & erection commission for control panels that are engineered as well as manufactured in compliance to the latest trends of the market.

  • Power Control Centre

    Smith Power Control Centres have rating up to 6300A and are suitable for operational voltage of 415V in a 3 phase 4 wire system. PCC’ conform to IS 8623.Short Circuit withstanding capacity: 50 KA for 1 Sec. Degree of protection – IP:54 / IP:55/ IP : 65 Switchboards are in fixed and draw-out type with O/C, S/C, E/F Protection single front / Double Front design.

  • Motor Control Centre

    Smith Motor Control Centres – Single Front / Double Front design conforming to IS 8623.
    Short Circuit withstanding capacity: 50 KA for 1 Sec. Degree of protection: IP:54 / IP:55/ IP :65
    Switch boards are in Fixed and Draw-out type. Automatic Star / Delta, Direct On line, Soft Starters, Variable Frequency Drives, and Auto Transformer Starters.

  • Bus duct

    Smith Bus ducts and Rising Mains rated up to 6300A having Short Circuit Withstand Capacity: up to 50 KA for 1 Sec. Bus Ducts may be segregated or non segregated Degree of protection – IP:54 / IP:55/ IP : 65 with inter leaving design.

Other Control Panels

Deluge Valve Panel

Control Panels


Control Panels

AHU Panel

Control Panels

AC / DC Drive Panel

Control Panels

Draw Out Type Changeover Panel

Control Panels

Heating Control Panel

Control Panels

Draw Out Type PCC Cum MCC

Control Panels

Local Control Station

Control Panels

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‘Brownout’ –
Low line voltage that can cause malfunctioning of & possible damage to equipment.

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